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Selected Works

A Life in Motion

“In this bold and courageous memoir Florence Howe transports us across class, gender,and race divides—in and out of love, deprivation, and tragedy—along her activist journey toward profoundly creative work. Everyone concerned about global feminism, women’s contributions, and humanity’s future will be enhanced and enchanted by A Life in Motion.”—Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume I and Volume II

"The Women’s Room: An Iconic Novel by a Visionary Novelist"

Lecture delivered by Florence Howe on January 8, 2011, at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention

Myths of Coeducation

“Florence Howe is a founder and leader of a profound movement which has significantly transformed the social consciousness of America by delineating the importance of women’s role in the past, present, and future.”–Bella Abzug

“I share with many other writers gratitude for Florence Howe’s essential contribution to feminist publishing. I share with many other teachers, gratitude for her heart-opening work as a teacher of young women.”–Grace Paley

No More Masks!

"This is a fabulous, heavy event: an updated edition of the pioneering and beautiful anthology No More Masks!, which we really needed in our lives back then, and we really, really need in our lives right now."—June Jordan

"A rich repository of poems by and for women. Splendidly edited and Juno-esque in stature, this new literary 'daughter' will be an invaluable anthology for teachers, feminists, scholars and other readers."—Publishers Weekly

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