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Florence in Words

Blog Miscellany

I apologize to my blog-readers for silence, which has two causes: laziness about writing blogs and the absence of dear Jeannette, who is off at a seminar for much of June. For those of you just tuning in, this website depends on the skills of Jeannette Petras, who used to be the Feminist Press's brilliant marketing manager, and would that she was still there marketing my book. But that’s another story. Read More 
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The blizzard

The day after the blizzard (New York, East Coast). It’s noon, the sun’s out in a blue sky, and I can hear great chunks of white snow dropping from windowsills and terraces above me. From my windows, I can see white roofs below, terraces coated in white, and only a few cars braving a half-cleared West End Avenue, and barely a trickle on Broadway. My chief problem this morning: no delivery of the New York Times. (Yes, I’ve called to report this, and perhaps there will be one later in the day.) Instead, I’ve been watching television’s cancellation of their regular morning programs to produce various versions of reporting on post-blizzard conditions in New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. Read More 
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