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Florence in Words


I just received news of two new reviews coming in. A man--at least I think it's a man--who has a regular blog, just wrote a long and sensible review of A Life in Motion. It's amazing to me, and I've written to him asking why he did it. With reviews, one must depend on the kindness of strangers.

Here's a bit of it: "A Life in Motion is almost literally what [Howe]'s led since the late 1960s, traveling around the country and the world to do research, to network, to coordinate the research of others, to raise money for the Press—she's a regular feminist dervish . . . . Those who want to know where feminism came from and where it's going ought to read it."

If you want to read all of the Promiscuous Reader's review on This Is So Gay, click here.

Jewish Book World is also featuring my book in their September issue. Here's a preview of their fabulous review: "As a detailed history of some inner-circles of modern American feminism, this memoir is of value to historians; for women of any age, who know ‘the personal is political,’it’s a must read." Stay tuned for more reviews to come.
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