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Florence in Words

Blog number one.

It’s near midnight, Monday, November 29, 2010, and I’m wondering how a blog might differ from the journals I write whenever the spirit moves me, and in which I record what has been going on in my life. One of my favorite questions I ask myself in journals is “How do you feel?” It’s partly a joke, since I used to suffer depression and so the journal was one way of checking on the depth of that condition.

But a blog? It’s purpose is entirely apposite. My journals were and still are private and mean to stay that way. A blog, this blog, is meant to be posted on my new web site. I need to be discreet and yet open. I need to be clear and yet mysterious. I need to be cheerful, even funny. And most of all I need to be read, and what do I know about who might want to read my blog? Absolutely nothing.

So with definitions cleared away, I will begin.

Mostly, since A Life in Motion has gone to press, I have been inert, and worse than that, when I can gather some energy, it is for worrying, and of course digging into the spot I am in, not moving, not doing anything, just feeling like a blob of worry. When I can occasionally think about how to feel human again, I know that I must get moving, if not physically, then in my brain. I need to work hard on a new project. But which one?
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