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Florence in Words

Mariam K. Chamberlain, 1918-2013, Her Life and Death

Mariam and Florence travelingMariamMariam at dinner
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Mariam K. Chamberlain, 1918-2013: the operation was a success, but the patient died.

For forty two years, exactly half of my lifetime, and almost half of hers, we were friends. At the beginning, we looked the same age, though we were eleven years apart. Beginning in 1980, on behalf of women’s studies, we traveled together to London, Paris, and Rome, and then to international conferences in Copenhagen, Nairobi, and China; to others in Dublin, Costa Rica, Barbados, Oslo, Oxford, Paris again, and Beijing. Today, a sunny April 3, 2013, I sit a kind of “shiva” for her, though both of us practiced no religion.  Read More 
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