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Florence in Words

Reading A Life in Motion

Surprise: a normal sunny Sunday, with no snow indicated. I can see the small trees on my terrace once again, standing tall, even looking a bit refreshed. Can that be true? Will they survive this winter like no other in the seven years I’ve lived here? And what will February and March be like? After all, for years they have been New York City’s snowy months. Read More 
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In the Air after Los Angeles

I’m on JetBlue, flying east after a week in Los Angeles. Two hours out of L.A., the ground beneath the plane is snow-covered, seemingly flat, though in the distance, I can see small mountains and a river, frozen. I long for a map, but I will have to settle for a glance back at the week that opened a year of speaking about the memoir it’s taken so long to write. There it was, when I got to California, in my hands, the hefty volume I had been trying to write for 20 years. (The publication date is April 1, but books are available from Read More 
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