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April 28, 2017

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My news is not as dramatic as Taksi’s, so I’ll go first. After two weeks on the Parkinson’s drugs, the doctor has assigned two weeks more. And instead of napping, he suggested “going out” more. But given New York’s failure to produce spring weather, I’ve been napping more and more. But I’m publicly announcing that from tomorrow on I will try to do something out of the apartment at least every other day. And I’ll begin that by going to a birthday party Saturday night and then out to brunch on Sunday with Don, Jorge, and Don’s niece and nephew, Landis and Joey. And soon I’ll be going to the movies again with Louise.

And here is Taksi’s news, accompanied by pictures, as evidence. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was taking a nap, of course, and woke up to see, across the room, Taksi seated and staring up at the television. At that moment there were small wild cats on branches fleeing from owls. And Taksi was so excited that he was chattering. But I couldn’t get to my phone quickly enough to catch the cats and owls. Then the butterflies came on and Taksi didn’t move and so I got the pictures. And he stayed as long as the pictures interested him. He was looking and at a slightly odd angle for his neck. People are not interesting—that’s clear enough. Just now, he tried to find the same spot on the floor for watching, but the people on MSNBC just sent him back to the couch and put him to sleep.


  1. April 28, 2017 2:08 PM EDT
    Missed wishing you happy birthday, sorry, sorry. For Chinese 88 is an auspicious year and I hope you had auspicious food on that birthday--red-boiled eggs, chicken cooked in ginger and sesame and wine, long noodles, and of course cake!
    LOVE yr blogs. NO fear of dementia for you. And yr rescue cat seems to be doing a good job of rescuing you from the blues. Chuck ruptured his left quadracepts tendon about 3 months ago in Bogota, had emergency surgery home after misdiagnosis, just in time we hope to avoid permanent wheelchair hereafter; but has been disabled for three months but is slowly recovering. May perhaps be able to walk so so and drive in Sept. Yr news of family--Florence's marriage in LA and yr great grandchildren are happy news. Keep on journaling. Love and hugs, shirley
    - shirley lim

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