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October 4, 2016

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Two weeks to go to Mallorca, and Iíve begun a new course of Rehab, this one designed to improve my leg, back, and stomach muscles so that I can walk normally again. All I can do is begin the process, and thus prepare myself for a long journey and for the swimming I hope to do each day which will keep me mobile. And when I return I will continue with the rehab.

I used to joke about the rehab I endured three years ago, after the knee replacement surgery: I was practicing to walk sideways and backwards. Never to walk forward, that was my joke. But why? Certainly, the new therapist to whom Iíve been assigned has given me new courage and hope. The first thing she had me do was walk forward across a room, sit down, stand, and walk back again. Yes, I was slow and awkward, but I managed it. And the session with her made me feel hopeful as I havenít felt in years. Perhaps, with her help, I will be able to walk again.

More about her when I get to know her better, but I will say that she is tiny, elegantly tiny. She also describes herself as a Tibetan from India, and she was very coherent about the muscles that need to fire if Iím to walk. Some of these muscles are still functional; some seem out of it. But she warned me not to give up, that they all show some elasticity and energy, even those seemingly most tired or plain worn out.

My job for the next two weeks, apart from rehab and some exercises in between is to decide what I am going to be working on at the workshop: prose or poems? Old ones that need revising? New ones that simply might arise from returning to a place I enjoy?

And perhaps I will be able to write a blog from Mallorca, where the weather is ideal, clear, in the low eighties and sunny during the day, cooler at night, with no rain in sight, at least for my two weeks. If I sound unusually excited itís that Iíve not been out of the country in two years, and not in Mallorca in three years. This may be my last time, and yes, Iím grateful for every day I get.

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