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Myths of Coeducation: Selected Essays, 1964-1983

Paperback, 1984, ISBN: 978-0253203397, Indiana University Press

“Florence Howe is a founder and leader of a profound movement which has significantly transformed the social consciousness of America by delineating the importance of women’s role in the past, present, and future.”–Bella Abzug

“I share with many other writers gratitude for Florence Howe’s essential contribution to feminist publishing. I share with many other teachers, gratitude for her heart-opening work as a teacher of young women.”–Grace Paley

“Florence Howe’s incisive comments on education and women’s issues related to it constitute a major contribution to understanding the educational needs of women in the USA.”–Harold Howe II, former Commissioner of Education

“Florence Howe is to women’s studies what Elizabeth Cady Stanton was to women’s suffrage. Her essays on women and education are required reading for anyone concerned with the state of teaching and learning in the 1980s.”–Elaine Showalter, Princeton University

“The proud, vigorous women’s studies movement might exist without Florence Howe, but it is stronger and richer for having had Florence as one of its preeminent architects.”–Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Ms. Magazine

“It is impossible to imagine women’s studies without Florence Howe. Myths of Coeducation shows her vision and courage, insight and dauntlessness.”–Catharine R. Stimpson, Rutgers University

“Florence Howe helped to set the stakes, chart the terrain and map the new landmarks in the revised vision of what education has been, in and may yet be all about.”–Shauna Adix, University of Utah

“As both feminism and women’s studies continue to transform our ways of thinking about ourselves and what we have regarded as knowledge, these essays by Florence Howe reveal how far ahead of us she was in the 1970s.”–Joseph J. Ellis, Mount Holyoke College